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Vol. 4

Answers to Triple Crown TWIBia #3

Okay, I’m sad to report I did have 2 typos last week. Strikeouts were
listed incorrectly for player #1 at 276; they should have read 268.
Also, strikeouts for player #6 should have been listed at 222, not 223.

1) 24 – 4, 1.53 ERA, 268 strikeouts: Dwight Gooden, 1985
For me, this pitching line was the genesis for memorizing stats. Anyone
who was lucky enough to see 20-year-old Dr. K fire in 96 mph heat with
a curveball so deadly it was dubbed “Lord Charles” had the pleasure of
seeing one of the finest pitched seasons of all time.

You Could Look It Up

Smokey Joe Wood

2) 34 – 5, 1.91 ERA, 258 strikeouts: Smokey Joe Wood, 1912
Walter Johnson was asked if he threw harder than Joe Wood. His reply
was, “mister, no one throws harder than Smokey Joe Wood.” Smokey Joe
was 22 years old when he led the Red Sox to their 2nd World Series
title. His classic 1-0 duel that season versus the Big Train is the
stuff of legend. Although his pitching career was cut short due to
injury, he made a gallant comeback as an outfielder, hitting .366 in
3) 26 – 9, 1.94 ERA, 275 strikeouts: Hal Newhouser, 1946
Leading the league in wins four times, Prince Hal won back to back AL
MVPs in 1944 and 1945, and finished 2nd in 1946 to Ted Williams. He was
finally inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992.
4) 25 – 3, 1.74 ERA, 248 strikeouts: Ron Guidry, 1978
With a mark of .893 in 1978, Gator posted the highest season winning
percentage of all time for a 20 game winner. While never having a
strong push for HOF consideration, his career totals are quite similar
to Sandy Koufax.
5) 24 – 8, 1.82 ERA, 301 strikeouts: Vida Blue, 1971
Gracing the cover of Time magazine in 1971, Vida was another young
phenom when he exploded onto the scene at age 21. A’s owner Charlie O.
Finley even asked him to change his first name to “True”. Thankfully he
6) 25 – 6, 2.23 ERA, 222 strikeouts – Juan Marichal, 1966
The Dominican Dandy may be the finest post 1956 pitcher to never win
the Cy Young Award. With his majestic high leg kick, Juan won 20 games
six times and had a lifetime 2.89 ERA. His 1966 season featured a
ridiculous 0.86 WHIP.
7) 18 – 6, 1.74 ERA, 284 strikeouts – Pedro Martinez, 2000
Ah, Pedro. Although most think of his amazing 1999 season as his
finest, 2000 was even better. Every member of the 2000 Red Sox lineup
should be bullwhipped for not scoring enough in his starts to get this
guy 20 wins that year. His 0.74 WHIP and adjusted ERA+ of 291 that year
are all time bests.
8) 28 – 12, 1.53 ERA, 150 strikeouts – Eddie Cicotte, 1917
One of the eight players banished from the game because of the 1919
Black Sox scandal, Cicotte may have gotten some HOF consideration if
his career was allowed to continue. It’s interesting to note that the
1919 team had 3 players inducted into the Hall – Eddie Collins, Ray
Schalk, and Red Faber. I think Shoeless Joe and Cicotte would have
joined them.
9) 23 – 12, 1.75 ERA, 170 strikeouts – Babe Ruth, 1916
The original Roy Hobbs, the big guy was a dominating pitcher before he
became the greatest hitter of all time. Actually while he was on his
way to being the greatest hitter of all time – he led the league in
homeruns in 1918 while winning 13 games as a pitcher. Ruth was 3-0 with
a 0.87 ERA pitching in the World Series for the Red Sox championship
teams of 1916 and 1918.
10) 6 – 1, 2.48 ERA, 43 strikeouts – Satchel Paige, 1948
The ultimate “what if” story, the legendary Satchel Paige was a 41-
year-old rookie when he finally got his MLB break after being the most
famous pitcher in Negro League history. His performance down the
stretch helped propel the Cleveland Indians to their last WS title.

Once again, our lone perfect score belongs to Greg Holcombe. Greg
is now 25 for 25. Greg, I’m humbled. To paraphrase Chet from “Weird
Science”, I’m considering making up some stuff this week.

That’s it for now. Make sure you check out the show, we’re all over the Rockies this week.

Triple Crown TWIBia #4

1) .388 AVG, 14 HR, 100 RBI
2) .351 AVG, 23 HR, 89 RBI
3) .317 AVG, 54 HR, 128 RBI
4) .317 AVG, 52 HR, 112 RBI
5) .322 AVG, 42 HR, 129 RBI
6) .311 AVG, 46 HR, 142 RBI
7) .317 AVG, 28 HR, 118 RBI
8) .332 AVG, 18 HR, 100 RBI
9) .322 AVG, 8 HR, 79 RBI

As always, submit your guesses to me at

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